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Our Methods

Fresh Hawaiian Seafood is proud to provide the highest quality fish available on the Big Island.

Quality and Sustainability

We are committed to supporting local sustainable fisheries and the fishermen who go the extra mile for quality. All of our fishermen are individually trained in specific methods to ensure the highest quality fish possible. Sustainability is also at the forefront. Our fisherman use “species-specific” methods, with no bycatch. All fish are troll/hook and line caught.

The freshest fish come from the Big Island.

The Big Island is a very unique fishery in that the waters here are some of the deepest in the world. This allows our fleet of small, fast boats to catch on day trips. By comparison, most Hawaiian fish are caught on longline boats that are out to sea for an average of three weeks. The fish has considerable age before being sold. Our fish are picked up in the evening, having been caught only hours before, handled and processed in a clean, sanitary environment, then chilled overnight in a saltwater brine, then shipped out the following morning for next-day delivery to you. No fresher fish is available!

Our methods in action: catching a yellowfin tuna

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